Meet Shaun Curry

Shaun Curry is an author who has written extensively since a child, earning him recognition for a variety of private short stories and novels throughout his early years and formal education, where he earned a Bachelor, Masters and other post-graduate accreditations.

In writing The Swords of Silence, a substantial part of his research emanates from the Vatican Archive, taking over ten years to complete. Over the period of a decade, Shaun Curry has conducted meticulous research in the archives of the British Library in London, the Metropolitan Library of New York, and countless museums, churches, and places of interest throughout Japan. Shaun Curry is an avid collector of rare books, maps, and artefacts dating back to the time of the shogun and the early Jesuit missions in Japan.


As part of his historical explorations, Shaun Curry has conducted comprehensive research in Nagasaki and surrounding cities and regions on the southern island of Kyushu. On a more global level, he has interviewed and consulted extensively with priests, historians, and scholars around the world, including members of the Society of Jesus in Europe, North America, and Asia.

From an early age, Shaun Curry has lived, worked, and studied in Japan, holding a passion for the country, its people and its culture. Based on this extensive research he is an expert in 17th Century Japanese history, bringing this original authenticity to bear in his uplifting novel The Swords of Silence and The Swords of Fire Trilogy series. 





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